Chapter 2.7: Teenage Dreams

So far as big news goes, Donald reached the top of the social media career and Shanice completed her bodybuilder aspiration. But, this chapter is all about Juliet!

I don’t know why, but this outfit is giving me Mean Girls vibes. On Wednesdays, we wear pink.

Stop. Let me take a selfie.

Juliet is still in scouts. She only has two more badges to get. I don’t remember what they are called precisely, but it’s the outdoors one and the scientist one.

She has an underbite anyway, but when Juliet is feeling sad it gets even worse (she was in mourning for Ramona, so I shouldn’t laugh…)

Juliet has the painting aspiration, just like her grandmother, and inherited Ramona’s easel. The sad picture she painted is breaking my heart </3

Ah the advantages of being a ghost cat. You can reach all the way through the curtains to scratch your scratching post.

Melanie won the spouse poll I ran, so she has the honour of being Juliet’s future wife. She was actually the first child that Juliet met when she was a child and has been Juliet’s only friend her own age since. So, it’s quite fitting, really. I just wish Melanie’s name was something that sounded like Romeo… Ah well.

Unfortunately, Melanie does not seem to realise what a privilege this is. So far she has rejected anything above flirting or complimenting her appearance (which I don’t understand because she has the romantic trait), so Juliet is building up that pink bar just by flirting for now.

Staring into each other’s eyes:

Melanie is looking at Juliet pretty adoringly here. SO WHY DOES SHE KEEP REJECTING HER?

Oh. Maybe because it’s because Juliet keeps making these weird kissy faces…

Ah well, I’m not giving up! I will have your genes, Melanie.

Some gratuitous picture of Mayor Whiskers, just because.

Ramona came back to visit in all her ghostly glory! Every bit as beautiful as she was in life.

I had Donald invite her to join the household.

Then, Akira dropped in for a visit.

We invited him to join the household too.

I’ve moved Ramona and Akira to a house in Windenburg. I wanted to keep Ramona around since she is my founder, but I don’t want too many sims in my active household.

MCCC gave Annabeth a baby boy with Jackie Bheeda (son of Arun and Jesminda Bheeda). Turns out she is also a writer, now. Her son is called Lucas Belle and I am super interested to see how he turns out.

Here is Lucas’ father, Jackie Bheeda. Jackie and Annabeth aren’t married so I am wondering whether I should intervene and have them get married.

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