Chapter 2.5: Toilet Talk

Yeah I know it’s a shitty title (pun intended), but I couldn’t come up with anything else.

I took Juliet to the park so that she could play on the jungle gym for her aspiration, but she pretty much just ended up chatting to the other kids there. I’ve forgotten all their names and I’m too lazy to check her relationships panel to find out, but here are a few of them.

She also met her grandmother for the first time, by chance!

Ramona: Of course I’m your grandmother and not a creepy stranger come to abduct you in the park. Now come here…

Not suspicious at all.

This is Melanie Villareal, Luna’s daughter.

Juliet and Melanie seemed to get along pretty well, so we invited Melanie over to play Don’t Wake the Llama. This was taken just before Juliet lost.

She also met Adam Fyres, Siobhan’s grandson. I think his grandfather was Sergio Romeo, so he is probably the closest Juliet is going to get to finding a Romeo. We will have to see how he ages up. I love how awkward she looks here.

And, she met Chester Kim-Lewis on the street. Apparently pretending to be a chicken is the way to make friends and influence people. Sounds right.

I had Juliet join the scouts. That scouting aptitude reward trait increases the rate of skill gain, so it would be really nice to get. Plus, she looks super cute in her scouting uniform.

Donald completed his leader of the pack aspiration, and I picked one of the parenting aspirations for his new one. Here he is helping Juliet with her homework.

Then clapping patronisingly the way they do when encouraging a child.

Unfortunately, it also made Donald look a little sinister.

Donald requested a raise… While sitting on the toilet. Multitasking at his finest.

Either they said yes, or Donald just took a huge dump.

Let’s not forget His Adorableness AKA Mayor Whiskers:

He thinks he is a noble prancing steed. Shhh don’t tell him.


The family went to visit Ramona, Akira and Annabeth and found that Ramona and Akira had turned into elders! Ramona looks even more like a classic witch with grey hair (and fyi I spell it “grey” because I’m English).

Akira is definitely the coolest granddad ever.

Juliet meeting her aunt for the first time.

A hug from grandma.

And a hug from grandpa.

Believe it or not, Shanice and Donald aren’t actually having a domestic here. Shanice has to mentor fitness for her career and I chose Donald to be her hapless victim. Looks like the training session got a little intense.

And then we got a call to say that Akira had died!!! I can’t believe it.

I had already moved Annabeth out into the world to live on her own because I’m curious to see what MCCC will do with her. That left Ramona all alone. So, I moved her in with Donald, Shanice and Juliet. Ramona has a special placed in my heart and I didn’t like to think of her spending her last days alone. An added bonus was that whereas we only had about 15,000 Simoleans before and were struggling to pay the bills, we now have over 150,000 Simoleans. I forgot that Akira and Ramona had so much money – it was mainly from Ramona’s paintings, I think.

Ramona does not look amused by Juliet’s attempts to play with her.

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