Chapter 2.3: They Grow Up So Fast

Just a very quick update this time because Juliet aged up.

Ok, I’ve found something more scary looking than Donald. Donald and Shanice mashup. It didn’t help that Donald had that illness that gives them tiger stripes. Let’s hope this isn’t a foreshadowing of how their genes will combine in Juliet.

Looks like Donald has taken to fatherhood. Can’t say that Juliet is too thrilled by this.

Since Shanice is an athlete and she also has the bodybuilder aspiration, she has been werk werk werking out. I barely ever play this job or aspiration, but I’m super interested to see how muscular she will get, given her fit slider was already at max when Donald met her.

Mayor Whiskers wondering what on earth the silly human is doing.

Dat body though. You’d never know she had just had a baby!

And then… Drumroll please… Juliet aged up! The random toddler trait generator I use picked the inquisitive trait for her.

Ok. So. Looking at Juliet, I think she might have escaped  the huge nose. It just doesn’t look how Donald’s did as a toddler. I also think that she does not have his massive chin. However, I’m pretty sure she has her father’s large head and disproportionately wide face, weird eyes and small downturned mouth. We won’t know for sure until she’s older, but there are my predictions.

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