Chapter 2.2: Baby Love

With a baby on the way and a bill of over 10,000 simoleons (dang the Goth mansion is an expensive place to live), Donald and Shanice both needed jobs.

I had Donald join the social media career because he is both self assured (which means he gets confident more often – good for building charisma, which is needed in this career) and a goofball (so he feels playful more often which is the ideal mood for the social media career). He started on level three since he got an A at school.

Since Shanice has the athletic trait as is already ripped I had her join the athlete career.

Shanice working out while pregnant. Ok, so pregnant sims aren’t allowed to take a jog but they can hit a punching bag?

Remember how Akira used to shower in his socks? Well, Akira is taking it one step further and bathing whilst fully clothed. He’s special.

I knew he’d get excited about the baby eventually.

Before too long, it was time. Shanice went into labour. They went to the hospital, which is now apparently almost entirely staffed by ghosts.

Ghost receptionist:

And a ghost doctor behind Shanice:

Incidentally, Shanice’s body proportions are looking unnaturally out of proportion in the picture above.

Of course, Donald was close at hand to support his labouring wife. Was he hell! Instead, he decided to put on an impromptu dance performance in the lobby of the hospital. Looks as though the ghost doctor watching him is enjoying it, though.

Then then darted off to update his social media status. Really? Now is the best time to do that?

I did get Donald into the operating room for the birth. He wasn’t much help – he just stood next to Shanice panicking.

And then… The baby was born, our third generation heir! Wow, it feels like only yesterday Donald was born.

The baby was a girl, which I was really pleased by because I like to alternate male and female heirs. One of my unofficial rules for this challenge though is not to peek at the gender with MCCC before the birth or to influence the gender.

The random name generator called her Juliet, which I really like (another unofficial rule for me is that the random name generator picks the name). We’ll have to find her a Romeo to marry, I guess.

She is such a cute baby. So much potential to grow up beautiful – or, of course, ugly! And, oh my word I just realized that the babies have eyebrows! Never noticed that before.

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