Chapter 2.1: My Big Fat Ugly Wedding

This chapter is going to be all about love’s young dream, Donald and Shanice.

Shanice turned into a young adult a day after Donald, so I had Donald propose. Looking at her expression, I was a bit concerned that she was going to say no.

But, thankfully, she said yes.

Despite it being the middle of winter, I decided to get the lovebirds married right away. I turned off temperature effects so that nobody spoiled the atmosphere by freezing to death during the ceremony.

Still, Shanice turned up looking very cold.

Shanice: What on earth did I agree to marry?

I had Ramona, Akira, Annabeth and even Mayor Whiskers watch the ceremony.

Unfortunately, the rest of the guests decided they would rather stay outside and freeze their asses off in the raging blizzard.

They are such a cute couple.

Shanice ended up kissing Donald’s nose, rather than his lips. Close enough, I guess.

Sharing the first slice of wedding cake.

Donald with his best man  cat, Mayor Whiskers.

Shanice with her mother. Don’t they look so similar?

Annabeth fell asleep on a pew in the chapel. Oh, Annabeth…

After the wedding, I moved Donald and Mayor Whiskers into the Goth mansion with Shanice (and kicked out Bella, Cassandra and Alexander). Then, they got started on the next generation.

Shanice told Donald about the baby.

Oh dear. Not sure how Donald feels about becoming a father… Ah well, he’ll get used to the idea!

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