Chapter 1.6: MC Donald had a club

While scouring the worlds for teens eligible to be Donald’s partner, I happened upon Shanice Goth. I have MCCC, so the premades and townies autonomously have children. Shanice is the daughter of Bella and Mortimer, and she is stunning – she will definitely be Donald’s future wife. Also, if Donald marries Shanice he can live in the Goth mansion. But, of course that is not the primary reason why he will marry her – I’m not shallow or anything. The main reason that Donald will marry Shanice is for her good looks. Oh wait…

I gave Shanice a makeover in CAS but only makeup, hair and clothes – I did not touch her features. She looks so much like a younger Bella it is scary!

Also, where did those six pack abs come from? She is really muscular! Puts Donal’s scrawny ass to shame.

She clearly doesn’t miss leg day at the gym…

Donald introduced himself. Is it me or is she looking at his face strangely? I can’t think what she might be staring at.

Cloudgazing together. Could have picked a more comfortable spot to lie down, guys.

Since Donald’s aspiration is “leader of the pack” I had him start a club. It’s called “party animals” (imaginative name I know) and the club activities are being friendly, being funny, dancing,, singing and DJing. The other members are four teens, all of whose parents are premades. I have not given them makeovers but maybe I should (just clothes and hair of course). Shanice Goth, who we’ve just met, is a member.

But also…

Charlie Jang:

Paige Capricciosa:

Cyrus Feng:

And Lia Delgato:

Donald tries his hand at DJing – MC Donald is in the house! Ok, I know technically it should be DJ Donald but MC Donald is funnier because it reminds me of the song (Old mc’Donald had a farm).

Ever neglected, Annabeth might have almost frozen to death while playing outside… But, don’t worry I saved her.

Sorry Annabeth, you’re not the heir so nobody cares about you!

And then Donald started to freeze to death after I made him take a cold shower (he had come home from school enraged) – I think this was because it was freezing outside and we are cheap so don’t have a thermostat. No Donald! You’re the heir, you can’t die! Thankfully, he warmed up. Phew.

As you may remember, Mayor Whiskers was sick with glowing red paws when we first adopted him. Well, since then he has been experiencing illness after illness. I think it’s because he is an elder – in my experience, elder pets get sick pretty much every day.

First, he got sick with a glowing red nose:

Then, he had what seems to be the cat version of the sim illness “starry eyes”:

And the next day a particularly nasty illness (I think it’s called swamp mouth) where he had green slime and flies coming out of his mouth, he smelled and left puddles everywhere.

Mayor Whiskers: Take your fingers out of my mouth or I will remove them.

I keep paying 750 Simoleons for the most expensive treatment, so he is costing the family a fortune. But, he is so cute that I have to forgive him.

Ok, I’m done with cat pictures now!

Ramona became an adult.

She’s as beautiful as ever.

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