Chapter 1.5: Three Birthdays and an Adoption

Akira’s birthday arrived. I can’t believe he is an adult already. His birthday fell on Harvestfest, so before we could celebrate we had to appease the gnomes. Unfortunately, Donald angered one of them with his choice of gift (jumped up ungrateful little ceramic father winter imposter – ahem). It responded by breaking the skink – mature of it.

Donald pleaded for forgiveness like the nice well brought up young man he is.

But the gnome was not in a merciful mood.

Then Akira tried (and failed) to placate the angry gnome. What an electrifying start to his birthday.

Ramona’s luck was no better…

So, I had Donald kick the bloody thing to pieces.

Bad move. This led to more angry gnomes appearing. We kicked them all (eventually), but not before they’d taken their revenge by breaking several household appliances.

While all this was going on it’s fair to say Annabeth got a little neglected. And dirty. Sorry Annabeth.

Finally, Akira could age up and celebrate:

I spotted Mayor Whiskers in their garden so Donald had to go and say hello. He is an elder now and his coat is greying which is sad.

And then he went and let himself into the house!

It was at this moment that I decided we had to adopt him. So I uh… Locked him inside the house while building up Donald’s friendship enough to adopt him. Ok that sounds bad, but I put a litter tray, food and a bed in the house for him!

It quickly became apparent that the poor little guy was sick.

Donald tried his best to comfort him…

Turns out Mayor Whiskers is the one person not afraid of Ramona’s nose or terrifying toothy grin.

He is so adorable.

Unfortunately the “adopt” option never popped up despite Ramona and Donald both becoming good friends with Mayor Whiskers. So, I moved him into their household in manage worlds.

Then, Ramona took Mayor Whiskers to the vets. We paid for the most expensive treatment because he is worth it.

The day after Akira’s birthday, Annabeth aged up into a child. She rolled the creative trait and the rambunctious scamp aspiration. I’m really annoyed because she looks so much better than Donald. Grrr. I am contemplating revising my “first -child-is heir” rule.

So, I am thinking Annabeth (unlike Donald) has escaped inheriting Ramona’s eye shape, nose, mouth and chin. She has got Ramona’s large face, though, and also Ramona’s body shape (her “fat” slider is close to max but Donald’s is about half way). I also think she is going to have an underbite. I did try to give Ramona an underbite by dragging her bottom jaw forward as far as it would go but it did not show up as an underbite on her (maybe because her face is so messed up anyway!) So, it will be interesting if Annabeth has inherited that.

And the next day Donald aged up into a teen.

The moment of truth…

*Hides behind hands weeping* why? Why?! He is basically a younger maler version of Ramona.

Some CAS pictures so you can get an idea of his true beauty:

I mean, he obviously has the dreaded nose. In fact, I think his nose might be worse than Ramona’s – how is that possible? Also looks like he has Ramona’s chin – it’s not as long as hers yet but I suspect it will be when he reaches young adulthood. He also has Ramona’s eyes and downturned thin mouth.

Ok let’s look at the positives now. His face looks a bit thinner than Ramona’s (again, this may change once he ages up), he does not have Ramona’s ears, he doesn’t have Ramona’s crooked teeth, he does not have Ramona’s eyebrows and he doesn’t have Ramona’s body shape (his is more like Akira’s). I… Guess he’s an improvement?

Donald rolled the self assured trait and leader of the pack aspiration. Oh man, I basically never use the clubs…

One last thing – a painting by Ramona. Doesn’t it look like the sort of thing that Bob Ross would do?


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