Chapter 1.4: Belles in Brindleton

Annabeth aged up into a toddler!

She rolled the clingy trait, which I’ve never played with before. So far it doesn’t seems to do much except make her wake up her parents and brother in the middle of the night.

Annoyingly, she already looks better than Donald did at that age. But nope, I said Donald would be the heir and the heir he remains.

I think that she is going to inherit Ramona’s large chin and eye shape (as Donald seems to have). She also seems to have a wider head than Donald does although I can’t be sure about that. Again, I think her ears could end up being large but I’m not certain. However, her nose does look considerably better than Donald’s did as a toddler. I’m convinced Donald has inherited The Nose, but it seems Annabeth hasn’t.

She is cute, isn’t she?

I spoke too soon. Little horror. I let you live and this is the thanks you give me?!

Now with one child and one toddler, the Belle family had outgrown Akira’s flat so they moved to a house in Brindleton Bay. Their new next door neighbours, the Heckings, came to welcome the Belles to the neighbourhood.

I do love Brant and Brent. They’re such a great couple, so it’s nice to have them as neighbours – especially after the noisy neighbours we had back in San Mysuno.

Akira bathing his daughter.

Whose favourite food is apparently rubber ducks…

Donald is getting used to the idea of not being an only child anymore.

Even if his little sister is somewhat terrifying to behold.

Father and daughter (I called it – I said he was going to be a good dad). Can’t get over how cute Akira is with his kids.

Ramona kissing Donald on the cheek. Or rather, driving her nose into his brain. No wonder he looks pained.

You guys, Annabeth’s head is already bigger than Akira’s. Ok, maybe it’s not such a bad thing she isn’t heir.

With his slicked down black hair and large nose, Donald is putting me in mind of a young Snape. Should have called him Severus!

Donald wanted to chase a bird flock… So, I obliged him.

Bye bye birdie

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