Chapter 1.3: Deja Vu

Following on from the last post, I decided to keep the baby. The pregnancy must, after all, have been my own fault. I can think of no other explanation for it except that I must have at some point accidentally selected “try for a baby” instead of “woohoo”. However, whatever the second child looks like, Donald will still be the heir.

Anyway, Donald aged up into a child.

Boy got sass!


He rolled the goofball trait and social butterfly aspiration (which I can tell you now he is not going to complete – I never finish that one).

Here are some CAS pictures:

Hmm looks like he is on course to inherit Ramona’s nose, eye shape, chin, large head and small mouth. At least his ears look ok, right? Also, I basically never use this hair but I thought it kinda suited his face shape.

Donald was excited about his new sibling. I guess he is hoping he will soon be “the pretty child”.

Ramona’s pregnancy seemed to progress exactly as before. I got serious deja vu.

She (again) got so big that her belly protrude out Akira’s back when they embraced.

Hang on. Is she… Biting his shoulder? Don’t tell me she developed cannibalistic pregnancy cravings.

They went to the hospital for the birth. Akira panicked just as before.

Ramona checked in.

While Akira deserted his labouring wife to play… Blickblock this time.

Ramona once again did not fit into the birthing machine.

A baby girl was born, and the random name generator called her Annabeth. I quite like that name, actually.

Like her brother before her, she was terrified of Ramona’s nose.

Donald meets his new sister:

He got the sad moodlet from meeting Annabeth. Apparently he did not want a new sibling. Sorry Annabeth, nobody wanted you!

Matching PJs!

For Tempestas who asked for a picture of Ramona smiling, I believe she is smiling here:

And also here:

At rest, her lips tug downwards so this is the closest she gets to smiling.

Despite his new sibling, Akira assures Donald he will always be loved. Awwww.

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