Chapter 1.2: A big Surprise…

After bringing Donald home, Akira and Ramona did take some time to adjust to the sleep deprivation that comes with having a new born baby.

But hey, it makes it all worth it when they look up and you give you a cute little smile as if to say… Um, what the heck is Donald doing with his face?

It did not help that the neighbours seemed to spend all night either fighting or woohooing. They must have a healthy relationship.

Eventually the landlord (aka me) evicted the noisy neighbours so that Akira and Ramona could finally get some sleep.

I said sleep guys! Don’t do that in front of the baby.

So, Donald aged up and is now a toddler. I used a random trait generator to decide his toddler trait which is independent. To be honest, this is the trait I always choose for my toddlers anyway so I was relieved. But, you want to see what he looks like, right? Well, ahem, he looks very unique already.

I mean, usually all toddlers look the same so the fact that already his chin is quite prominent and his head is fairly large is not encouraging.

At least he seems to like what he sees.

Ok, he is kinda cute.

I mean, what toddler actually likes peas?

I think the playing interaction is my favourite aspect of toddlers inn TS4. Look at Ramona’s face, though…

Oh and lightning struck the top of their apartment. No wonder they all get so tense during a storm.

One more thing: Can anyone explain why Akira is wearing knee high socks in the shower?

Aaaand Donald has passed out from exhaustion. Wonderful parenting, guys.

OH HELL NO! I was about to finish this post here when a notification popped up… Ramona is pregnant. How? I don’t understand. Yes, I do have MCCC installed but I have risky woohoo at 0%. Ugh I must have accidentally selected “try for baby” instead of “woohoo” one time. I’m not sure what to do about this. My rules stated one child per generation. Should I keep the baby or clear the pregnancy?

Yeah, I feel you buddy. That is exactly how I feel about this too.

4 thoughts on “Chapter 1.2: A big Surprise…

  1. Great update!! The strong jaw and tiny mouth is giving me handsome squidward vibes! Baby Donald still looks pretty cute, though! Ramona’s face when she’s playing with him is scary. Do you have any pics of her smiling?
    Maybe Akira just likes the feeling of wet socks. I’ve seen weirder fashion choices in the sims. At least he’s doing it in the comfort of his own home lol. 😄
    I think you should make an exception and keep it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Ahh it might look good as a toddler, but I’m thinking he will start to look more like Ramona as a teen. That’s when stronger facial features really start to show themselves. Hmm not sure if I have any pictures of Ramona smiling. I think she may actually be smiling in that picture of her playing with Donald, but her mouth is so small that it’s hard to tell! I think I will keep the baby as I’d feel bad about getting rid of the pregnancy, but Donald will still have to be the heir.


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