Chapter 1.0: The Beautiful Belle Family

I am going to be doing a “breed out the ugly” challenge on The Sims 4. The basic idea is that you begin with a sim who is as ugly as possible and then, through breeding with attractive spouses over the generations, you aim to end up with a child that looks… Vaguely normal.

I am not going to be playing this as a legacy challenge so will not be starting with very little funds and so forth. But, there are a few rules I will stick to:

  1. Only one child per generation (unless the heir has twins/triplets, that is). First born is heir. This is intended to make the challenge more difficult by preventing me from simply choosing the most attractive child.
  2. The founder (or in later generations, the heir) will choose their partner based on their looks.
  3. No editing of offspring’s features in CAS.
  4. Partners must be premades or townies or descendants of premades or townies (I will use MCCC for story progression). No downloading of spouses from the gallery, No creating spouses and I cannot edit their features.
  5. All offspring are to take the founder’s surname, “Belle”.
  6. I will use a legacy trait generator to determine the traits of offspring.
  7. Aging on for unplayed and played households.

Official challenge rules are here (I am doing the hard version and also sticking to most of the optional rules ):

And yeah, that’s it.

Here is my beautiful founder, Ramona Belle, who you can download here

3 thoughts on “Chapter 1.0: The Beautiful Belle Family

  1. Hi there! So I stumble across this blog looking for sim bloggers, because, well… want to meet other simmers that like writing sims stories like myself. I LOVE THIS CHALLENGE!!! OMG I didn’t know this challenge was out there.
    I’m going to start it. Thank you for linking the rules. I think Ill pretty much stick to the same rules you are using.

    Liked by 1 person

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