Chapter 1.1: A Baby Belle!

Earlier we met my lovely founder, Ramona Belle. Ramona is family oriented, creative and a perfectionist. She’s an aspiring artist so joined the painting career.

Ramona started off living in an empty lot in Windenburg, but wasn’t there for long so I don’t have any screenshots of her first residence.

Since the aim of this challenge is to “breed” a pretty sim in as few generations as possible, I got Ramona out and looking for a partner asap. She soon met Akira Kibo and they seemed to get along really well. I’ve never played Akira before and he’s definitely very attractive so I had Ramona switch on the charm.

Surprisingly, Akira liked what he saw. Maybe he has a thing for big noses?

Akira looks terrified, and with good reason, Ramona’s nose must be buried somewhere deep in his temporal lobe.

To cut a long story short: After a whirlwind romance, Ramona asked Akira to marry her. Akira said yes…

Ramona looked smug…

… They eloped, and Ramona moved in with Akira (I kicked out Miko and her sister).

They got started on the baby making immediately.

Ramona got VERY big while pregnant.

When you’re so pregnant that your stomach swallows your entire forearm.

And cuts your husband in half.

Akira didn’t seem to mind that Ramona had just tried to dissect him with her midsection.

I think he’s going to be a good father.

I just love how every time they kiss, his face gets lost somewhere in hers. This will never not be funny.

Before long, it was go time: Ramona was in labour. Akira took her to the hospital… But soon lost his cool.

Ramona checked in and made her way to the operating room.

But wait, where’s Akira?

He’s run off to play My Sims Go. Typical man.

She doesn’t even fit in the birthing machine – look at her arm sticking out the side!

Akira arrives just in time looking pissed of that I’ve interrupted his gaming session so that he can witness the birth of his first child.

A baby boy is born: the heir, the future, the next generation. And the random name generator calls him… Donald. Why oh why?! Ah well, I’m going with it.

Donald looks pretty terrified of Ramona’s nose. Sorry dude, I think you’re looking at the face of your own future there.

And there we have it, a “baby Belle”. I found this thought so funny, but I don’t know if anywhere outside the UK has babybels so the humour of the phrase may not translate.

6 thoughts on “Chapter 1.1: A Baby Belle!

  1. Your storytelling and pictures are so funny!! Poor baby Donald! Looks like he has Akira’s eye color. Let’s hope he inherits more than just that!😄


      1. Hmm, you might be right. I usually age my infants up as soon as they are born, so I don’t pay much attention to their faces. I just assumed that infants had different color eyes.


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